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Carolyn has been the silent force running the business alongside Trevor and Kurt for over three decades now, ensuring everything behind the scenes runs smoothly, and looking after the staff like an extended member of her own family. 

We chat to our Diamond Queen about her jewellery collection, choosing quality over quantity and how she has mastered the art of understated elegance. 

What sort of jewellery do you like to wear?

In one word - diamonds. I love all diamonds, but especially pink diamonds. I wear all three golds, I have no issues with mixing and matching - I love it all. 

I appreciate designs that are sophisticated and elegant, yet still have some flair to them - pieces that make a statement without being over the top. 

How would you describe your personal jewellery style and what do you look for when getting a new piece designed?

In terms of my style, I am not trend-led. I like what I like and I choose pieces that won't date, but will last forever and that I will want to wear forever. 

I feel very fortunate that I have access to beautiful jewellery, but it might come as a surprise that I don't have endless amounts of jewellery. I'm selective about what I wear and new pieces I get made.

I love diamonds, but I will never wear too much - I never want to be over the top with my jewellery, I prefer a more refined look. 



Jewellery holds a special place in many families. What does it mean to you and yours?

Jewellery will always hold special significance in our family. I must say I feel very fortunate to have been a jeweller's wife - jewellery is something that I have been equally passionate about alongside Trevor. 
I associate jewellery with moments and stories, memories and meaning. I love that jewellery isn't all about beauty, but can also hold cherished memories.
I will keep my special pieces to be handed down to Sarah and Rosie and hopefully they will continue to be a cherished heirloom in our family. 


Talk us through your everyday jewellery - 

Engagement Ring 

Kurt, Trevor and I designed my ring, it's a 2ct round diamond with a halo of super rare pink diamonds, with another row of white diamonds around the pink halo. Set in 18ct white gold.

I wear two pink diamond bands set in 18ct rose gold on either side of this ring. 


I love my beautiful diamond and pink diamond earrings. They are stunning and very special to me.


I always wear my tennis bracelet and pave-set diamond bangle. I've had both of these for over 20 years.


I alternate wearing one of my three diamond pendants, depending on what I'm wearing and where I'm going, putting them on different chains - lengths and colours - for a different look. 

Kurt designed a 3 stone diamond necklace - one for each of my children and is so precious to me. 

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