Jewellery Care


Storing your jewellery in jewellery boxes or pouches is the best option. Keep the same metals together as much as possible making sure chains and bracelets don’t get tangled together. White pearls should be kept in white tissue or a white pouch as the pearls can take on the colour of the storage container they are kept in.



At Stonz we strongly live by the philosophy of your jewellery should be the first thing you take off when you get home and the last thing you put on before you leave home. We all want to wear our jewellery but we need to look after it. The best advice for wearing jewellery would be chains and bracelets don’t wear in bed as they can stretch, don’t wear watches in the shower, don’t wear rings at the gym or in the garden.



We offer a free cleaning service in store and can have your jewellery cleaned within 24 hours. If you are to clean at home we recommend the following steps. Gold or platinum jewellery and precious stones such as diamonds and sapphires can be cleaned using the mild detergent and toothbrush method. Diamonds are best cleaned with boiling water, while precious stones are a bit more delicate and therefore the water should be warm to hot but not boiling. Plain silver items with no stones should be cleaned using a widely available silver dip and a clean cloth. Pearls are best cleaned with a gem cloth or by a professional. Always get advice about the best option for cleaning your jewellery. Some jewellery can be cleaned at home with care, 



We recommend bringing your Stonz Jewellers items in every six months for one of our Stonz Jewellers staff members to check over your jewellery. We will give your items a Free clean and Jewellery Health check by checking the settings and that all stones are secure. We can check for wear and tear, accidental damage and any other issues that could affect your jewellery. A regular health check can insure your jewellery lasts you a lifetime.


All white gold items are rhodium plated to give a bright white finish to the jewellery. This plating will be worn away under normal wear and tear. Rhodium plating needs to be replaced through the lifetime of the jewellery at the customer's expense.

If you have any questions on the care for any of your jewellery please come in and see one of our Stonz Jewellers Team Members to assist.