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Kurt needs no introduction for our regular customers. He has  grown up at Stonz, and now runs the business alongside his parents who started Stonz Jewellers 36 years ago. We thought it was fitting to start off our brand new series showcasing our Staff Style, talking to Kurt about the jewellery he wears on the daily.


Tell us about your wedding ring - 

Being in jewellery design, naturally I wanted something a little different. I wanted a ring that not only looked good, but that was sentimental to me, my wife and our little girl Rosie. 

I did this by punch-setting different birthstones that represent our family - an emerald for the month we got married, two aquamarine's for my wife and daughter's birthstones and a sapphire for my birthstone. I have also left enough room for our next baby, arriving in a few months. 

The band itself is 18ct yellow gold with a vertical-grooved texture. Whenever I look at my ring, it reminds me of my wedding day and my family, I love it.



Tell us about the other ring you wear daily - 

This was a gift from my parents for my 30th birthday. I wanted to create something I hadn't seen before, but also wanted it to be simple, modern and with clean lines.

I love black diamonds, so I pavé-set black diamonds to stop and start flush with the plain yellow gold band. I love the end result, and get lots of comments from customers about it. 

Any advice for men looking for rings?

You don't need to go for a plain band, I would highly recommend exploring different textures and stone-settings. 

Make something meaningful to you and you will love wearing it everyday.

For a lot of men, their wedding band is the first ring they have ever worn, it can take a little getting used to wearing at first. When it comes to sizing, it's important to note that it's not going to be perfect all year around, as our fingers change with the seasons, so come in on a few different occasions to make sure it’s right.


What is on your Stonz Wishlist?  

A yellow gold heart bracelet from our new children's collection, for my daughter Rosie. 

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