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Elizabeth will be a very familiar face to our Pukekohe customers, having been with us here at Stonz for 17 years. With a wealth of knowledge, she always knows how to find the perfect piece for anyone who comes through our doors. We talk to Liz about her impressive jewellery collection, reflecting her passion and expertise in the field. 


We can always hear you coming with your bangles, and we love how you mix different metals. How would you describe your jewellery style? 

My style is best described as classic with a modern twist. I gravitate towards yellow gold but enjoy mixing metals. I have a penchant for stacking rings and layering necklaces to create unique combinations.

While I appreciate timeless pieces, I also seek out designs that are more distinctive and less common. I particularly enjoy re-modelling and redesigning jewellery to breathe new life into old pieces. This also allows me to craft one-of-a-kind pieces that reflect my individual style.

Diamonds (both natural and lab-grown) hold a special place in my heart, but I also have a fondness for unique finds from brands like Stolen Girlfriends Club. I believe in mixing high-end and more affordable pieces.

 Elizabeth's Style


How has your style changed over the last 17 years?

My style has undergone a subtle evolution. Previously, I wore a lot of coloured stones, but nowadays, I tend to lean towards the simple elegance of gold and diamonds.

I've held onto all my old coloured stones, and now I'm coming up with some ideas of what I could create with these loose gemstones - I'm thinking a stand-out cocktail ring incorporating all of the colourful gems together.


What do you love most about working in the jewellery industry and at Stonz?

Definitely the personal connection I forge with our customers. Hearing their stories and being part of their special moments is incredibly rewarding.

At Stonz, every day is different. From creating custom designs to handling repairs and watch batteries, there's always something new to do and a flurry of activity.

I also enjoy getting creative with our shop windows, finding new ways to display pieces to capture the attention of people walking past. 


Elizabeth's Style


Let's talk through your jewellery collection -

In terms of earrings, I mostly wear my 18ct white gold diamond huggies. I always wear my four bangles stacked together - 2x yellow gold, 1x silver, 1x rose gold.

Engagement Rings: I cherish my three-stone bezel-set engagement ring, which I pair with another three-stone diamond ring. I still hold onto my original diamond cluster engagement ring, while I've considered changing it, there's something nostalgic about it so I'm keeping it as is, even though it just lives in my jewellery box.

Diamond Solitaire: A classic and understated design that features a single, standalone round brilliant diamond with 6 claws on a simple band. This is paired with a wide bead-set round diamond three row band, both set in 18ct white gold.

Diamond Dress Ring: Features three rows of angled channel-set diamonds in a 18ct yellow gold band. 

Pinky Ring: Was originally an estate piece, I used some stones from old rings to punch set into the ring to give it a distinctive, unique look. The gold from the old rings were used to make one of my gold bangles. 

Chunky Gold Ring: Lastly, there's my chunky yellow gold ring, a bold statement worn on my pointing finger. I like how it adds a little edge the rest of the rings I wear.


Paperlink chain - I like that it's simple and classic. It looks great with most necklines, worn on its own or layered with other necklaces. I also have a quartz pendant with a swivel catch so I can easily add or remove it to my paperlink chain.

I also have Marina and Herringbone chains, both in yellow gold. All three necklaces are different lengths, so all three can be worn together, on their own or in any combination.


What's on your Stonz Wishlist?

I may be running out of fingers, but I'm wanting to get a 5-stone oval diamond ring as well as the previously mentioned bespoke coloured-gemstone ring.

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