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Dora Tantalum & Black Diamond Band Model #293A32

Dora Tantalum & Black Diamond Band Model #293A32

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StyleNo. 293A32

Size is T and width is 7 mm
Metal is Tantalum Total diamond weight is 0.245

Thickness 1,8 mm - Flat inside

Tantalum is a rugged option, perfect for those that work with their hands. It is extremely durable, hypoallergenic, and resistant to corrosion.
A dark charcoal grey appearance, tantalum exudes a sexy masculinity and is widely considered to be a rare contemporary metal and due to current demand, is bound to increase in value in the future.

Many (non-precious) metals like Titanium and Tungsten cannot be resized. Tantalum however is extremely malleable and can be stretched if required. It will bend, rather than shatter and can be easily cut off in an emergency. Tantalum is highly resistant to the usual wear and tear of some non-precious metals meaning your ring will look better for longer.

Best of all is the weight of tantalum. Similar to the weight of platinum, it feels beautiful and significant, the way a wedding band should feel.

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